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I basically come from a small village called Kuduvalli, near Chikmaglore. I grew up in various places of Karnataka as my father was an Engineer is MSEB which was a transferable job. My childhood memories of enjoying different tastes and delicacies of different regions is still so fresh in my mind. My mother came from the highlands, and father was from the plains so our kitchen never failed to feast.

raji I got married in 1993, and delightfully my in-laws hailed from North Karnataka and I could enjoy their style of cooking as well. We moved to America after marriage and have lived here since then. Though I always had passion for cooking, its only in the recent times I thought about building it beyond. Complementing to my personal interest of Health and Cooking were the interesting Scientific facts which my Brother-in- law (Biochemist) used to share.
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I was born and brought up in Sringeri which is located in the evergreen Malenadu region. I have a M.S in Psychology and currently Head of HR department at CloudCrate (https://cloudcrate.in), a cloud storage startup. I strongly believe in, needing a healthy environment for a healthy mind and body. I firmly believe in using seasonal vegetables and fruits to maintain an optimum health. It is very essential to have calm and serene mind while eating our food. A relaxed mind is a requirement at the dinner table. Our health and well being is a reflection of our thoughts, actions and the food we eat!

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About Swayampaaka

Have you taken a moment to recall how our forefathers lead a happy, comfortable and healthy life? Their life style, sleep cycles, food habits- so different from ours. They precisely knew how to eat right; and every person is made up of what the person eats and when they eat.

Just think of the freshly cooled jaggery, naturally collected honey, the tangy taste of tamarind, the strong essence of elachi, pepper and spices, taste of freshly grated coconut, fruits according to seasons and vegetables matching the weather. Slurp! We are missing quite a bit. In the name of convenience we have given in, to processed and ready to eat food items, forgetting its major impact on health. The nature around us has everything a human body needs, but unfortunately in the recent times we have failed to aptly utilize them. The in-trend culture of “Fast Food” and “Junk Food” will eventually make our palates numb and inactive. However, its ironical that today’s generation is highly conscious about fitness and health.

Swayampaaka was started with this thought to promote healthy eating by sharing traditional modern, homemade delicacies for everyone to savor!

Swayampaaka is also a small effort to preserve the slowly fading away traditional dishes, which my mother teaches me. She is a young 80 year old, who is extrmely independent, enthusiatic and her energy can put a 20 yr old to shame. It is she who made my belief of “healthy eating and home cooking” stronger!