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Home Remedy For Fever | Mane Maddu

Simple home remedy for fever.

Fever is elevation in the body temperature above normal that is 98.6F. Fever can be viral, bacterial and for other infections, Body is trying to fight by increasing the body temperature. Sometimes Fever can be dangerous and life threatening, Do not treat fever with home remedies( in normal conditions)  for more than 2 to 3 days. Most of the times it may be due to simple infections, inflammation, common cold and for exhaustion. In these cases These simple home remedies helps to fight infection and reduce fever. Along with this remedy make sure to get enough rest, drink fluids- keep hydrated, and cool, damp cloth on the forehead.
If you are running very high fever it can be due to serious medical conditions. Please talk to your Doctor before giving the remedies. Children under 3 months and people with compromised immune system must seek medical attention.

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AMrutha balli plant

Remedy 1:

  • Amrutha balli / Indian tinospora / heart leaved moonseed – 5 leaves and around 6 inches stem, or 10 leaves
  • 2 cups water


  1. Boil the water add, the leaves, just crush the stem gantly and add that as well
  2. Once the water quantity reduced to around 1 cup, turn off the heat and strain the kashaya to the cup
  3. Divide into 3 portion and drink 3 times a day
  4. if you like to chew on leaves,eat 3 times a day
  5. the kashaya will be very bitter, if it is hard to drink add little jaggery to it.

Remedy 2:

  • Hippali / pippali/ long pepper
  • Jaggery


  1. powder the pippali using mortar and pestle
  2. mix 1/2 tsp pippali powder and
  3. 1 tsp jaggery
  4. divide into 3 parts, eat 3 times a day.

Remedy 3:

  • Tulasi leaves 3 parts as shown in video
  • 6 black pepper


  1. Eat tulsi leaves and pepper on empty stomach
  2. Eat twice a day, one in the morning on empty stomach and other in the evening (leave 4 to 5 hours after lunch)
Disclaimer: Home remedies are no substitute for professional medical treatment. Swayampaaka doesn’t take any responsibility for the side effects, illness or any health issues caused due to the content /ingredients in these home remedies. Please consult your physician before you start any self treatment.