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ragi shavige | finger millet vermicelli | vegan recipe

ragi shavige | ragi ottu shavige | khara shavige recipe |
Ragi shavige, also known as finger millet vermicelli, is a nutritious and delicious dish popular in South Indian cuisine. This gluten-free delicacy is made from ragi flour, providing a rich source of calcium and fiber. To enhance its nutritional value and taste, ragi shavige can be prepared with a variety of colorful vegetables such as carrots, peas, beans, and capsicum. These vegetables not only add vibrant hues to the dish but also offer a boost of vitamins and minerals. Perfect for a wholesome breakfast or a light dinner, ragi shavige with mixed vegetables is a delightful way to enjoy a healthy meal. For those seeking a flavorful and nutritious recipe, ragi shavige with carrots, peas, beans, and capsicum is an excellent choice.
This is a vegan recipe .

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For the shavige dough:

  • 1.5 cup ragi flour /finger millet flour
    (1 cup =250 ml)
  • 1 tsp salt or salt to taste
  • around 2 cups of water 
  • to be exact – 1 and 3/4 cup+ 2 tbsp of water

Making khara shavige:

  • vegetables 1/4 cup each – carrot, beans, peas, capsicum
  • few curry leaves
  • chopped coriander leaves
  • 6 finely chopped green chilies or to taste
  • juice of lemon or lime
  • grated coconut

For seasoning:

  • 2 tbsp cooking oil
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1 tsp kadle bele/ chana dal
  • 1 tsp udiina bele /urad dal
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder


Boil Water and Prepare Dough

    • Boil water with a teaspoon of oil and salt.
    • Add raagi flour and let it cook for a minute, then mix it.
    • Turn off the heat and mix again.
    • When the dough is still hot, wet your palms and shape it into a cylinder. Place it in a steamer basket or on a plate.
  • Steam the Dough
    • Once all dough is shaped, cover it as shown in the video.
    • Add enough water to the steamer or cooker, place the basket inside, and steam cook on medium heat for 15 minutes.
    • After 15 minutes, reduce the heat and check the dough by pricking it with a toothpick or wetting your fingers and touching it. The dough should not stick and should appear shiny.
    • Turn off the heat and cover the lid to avoid drying out the dough.
  • Press and Shape Shavige
    • Grease the shavige press and a plate.
    • Press the shavige onto the plate and cover the remaining dough.
    • Place the shavige on a wet towel.
    • Repeat the procedure to make the remaining shavige.
    • Place the shavige pieces next to each other.
  • Final Steps for Shavige
    • Once everything is done, cover it as shown in the video.
  • Prepare the Seasoning
    • Heat oil in a pan on medium heat and add mustard seeds.
    • Once the mustard seeds pop, add dals and fry until golden brown.
    • Add green chilies and fry for a few seconds, then add curry leaves and turmeric powder. Mix well.
    • Add peas, mix, cover, and let cook.
  • Cook Vegetables
    • Once the peas are cooked, add other vegetables. Increase the flame and stir fry the vegetables. If you prefer soft vegetables, add water and cook.
    • Add salt to taste and mix well.
    • Once the vegetables are cooked, turn off the heat.
  • Combine Shavige and Seasoning
    • Add the prepared shavige to the pan.
    • Squeeze lemon juice over the shavige, and add coconut, coriander leaves, and a teaspoon of jaggery (if desired). Mix well.
  • Serve
    • Shavige is ready to serve!
    • Just like rice shavige, ragi shavige (finger millet vermicelli) can also be served with sweet coconut payasa.