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Sorekai Dosa Recipe | Bottle Gourd Dosa

Easy, healthy and tasty breakfast sorekai dose / bottle gourd dosa recipe. No fermentation needed to make this dosa, also it is vegan, gluten free breakfast as well.
Try this dosa with coconut chutney or any chutney of your choice.
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Ingredients for making sorekai dosa:

  • 1 small  sorekayi or 2 cup cut sorekayi /bottle gourd
  • 3/4 cup rice
  • 2 tbsp chana dal / split bengal gram
  • 2 tbsp toor dal
  • 1 tsp menthya / methi seeds
  • grind along with:
  • 1/4 cup + grated coconut
  • 1 tsp jeera/cumin seeds
  • 4 to 5 byadagi red chillies
  • 1 tsp coriander seeds
  • 1 tsp salt


  1. wash and soak the ingredients in 2 cups of water overnight or 4 to 6 hours
  2. Transfer around a of water from the soaked ingredients to a pan.
  3. Grind all the ingredients along with around 2 cup cut sorekai and grind it to fine consistency. add water to get the dosa batter consistency
  4. I have used around 1 cup of water.
  5. Cover it and keep it aside for half an hour, No need to ferment

To make the dosa:

  1. Grease the heat the tava on medium heat
  2. mix the dosa batter again, take a ladleful of batter, pour it in the center and spread in circular motion as shown
  3. Put 1/2 to 1 tsp oil in on the dosa, cover it and cook it for a minute or so
  4. Once the dosa is done, remove the dosa and transfer it onto a plate.
  5. Follow the same procedure to make more dosas. no need to grease the tava again
  6. you can flip the dosa and cook it on both sides, but it is not a must
  7. you can refrigerate the remaining batter
  8. Enjoy the hot dosa with chutney of your choice