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Karjura holige | Dates puranpoli |obbattu recipes

Karjura holige recipe

Happy Gowri and ganesha festival to all of our swayampaaka viewers.

Easy to make NO SUGAR added, vegan sweet Karjura holige with  detailed video instructions.
To celebrate gauri habba  /ganesha habba we have dates holige / kharjoorada holige recipe. Simple to make and very delicious sweet can be prepared for any festivals like deepavaLi, navarathri, yugaadi.. .

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Ingredients for making karjura holige:

For the filling / hoorNa:

  • 1 cup dates /karjoora or 250gms karjoora
  • 1/4 water to cook the dates

For the dough / kanaka:

  • 3/4 cup maida
  • 2 tbsp chiroti rava / sanna rave
  • 1/4 cup+ water
  • 2 tbsp oil for the dough and oil to make hoLige


Ti make the dough / kanaka:

  1. Combine maida and rava in a bowl, then add 1/2 tbsp oil, mix it well
  2. First add 1/4 cup water, mix it. then add water little by little to get this consistency( altogether i have used 1/4 + 2tbsp water)
  3. Put 1.5 tbsp oil on top. cover it and keep it aside for minimum 3 hours

To make the filling / hUraNa:

  1. Wash and pressure cook the dates with 1/4 cup of water. Turn off the heat after 1 whistle. ( or you can cook this on stove top as well)
  2. Remove the seeds ( no need to do this work if you use deseeded dates)
  3. Grind it or mash the cooked dates to a fine paste. do not add water
  4. After 3+hours- knead the dough once again
  5. Grease your palm, take a small amount of dough and flatten it, take a small ball sized stuffing place it in the center
  6. Bring the edges together, cover the whole filling, then take away any excess dough
  7. Gently roll it on the greased banana leaf or plastic sheets or parchment paper

To make the obbattu:

  1. Grease and heat the tava on medium low heat
  2. Once the tava is hot enough, transfer the rolled obbattu onto the hot tava.
  3. Put some oil / ghee on top. cook for few seconds .
  4. Flip the holige and cook for a few seconds. Then remove it from the tava,
  5. Repeat the same procedure with the remaining kanaka and hurna

TIP/NOTE : to get perfect holige kanaka – dough and hurna – filling have to be same consistency. So make sure about this.