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Ragi Hurittu | Raagi Huri Hittu | Finger Millet Malt

Raagi huri hittu or raagi hurittu is highly nutritious power powder. It has raagi/ finger millet, along with protein rich moong, chana, puffed rice, jowar, wheat.
This can be prepared only with raagi or you can add ingredients which are available at home.
You can use this as morning drink or eat as breakfast. SInce each ingredient is well roasted no need to cook,
The ways we can use this hurittu!
To a cup of milk take 2 TBSP hurittu, add sugar and mix it and drink.
Instead of milk you can use buttermilk and jaggery, mix it and drink
Take ¼ cup of hurittu, add jaggery, ghee, grated fresh coconut and mix it with milk/water. Consistency should be like chapathi dough. Eat it.


  • 2 cups Raagi/finger millet
  • ½ cup rice
  • 1 cup aralu
  • 1 cup wheat
  • 2 TBSP whole chana
  • 2 TBSP Moong
  • Around 10 dried dates
  • 10 to 15 cardamom
  • ½ cup jowar
  • ½ cup almonds


Please watch the video for  detailed instructions to ” how to roast”

  1. Wash ragi/finger millet and spread it on the clean towel ( preferably overnight). Let it dry.
  2. Just before you start roasting the raagi, wash the chana, moong, rice and wheat and spread it on the clean towel.
  3. Keep the thick bottom pan on high heat for 5 minutes.
  4. Roast the raagi little by little, until it pops like popcorn.Once it starts popping make sure you cover the pan. Transfer it to a pan and continue the same procedure until raagi is done.
  5. Make sure you maintain the high flame.
  6. Warm the AlaLu, transfer the AraLu to the raagi pop.
  7. Roast the jowar until it pops, Follow the same procedure as raagi roasting.
  8. Roast the rice, the rice looks wrinkled when done.
  9. Next roast wheat, once done it turns golden brown and puffs.
  10. Next roast the chana, roast until the skin peels and changes color.
  11. Roast the green gram/ moong until the mung beans turn brown.
  12. Just warm the cardamom and almonds.
  13. Finally roast the dried dates and turn off the heat.
  14. Once the mix cools down, either take it to the commercial flour machine, or powder it in a mixer to a fine powder.
  15. Raagi hurittu is ready.


  1. Only ragi/finger millet you have roast in batches( for this measurement)
  2. Each ingredients you have to roast separately.