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aralu hurittu | ways to eat aralu

Aralu hurittu is a largely forgotten recipe.
Aralu refers to popped paddy or puffed paddy. To prepare aralu, paddy is roasted on high heat until it pops. It is very light, easy to digest. Remember it is not puri or mandakki or mumra, which is prepared using the rice, not the whole paddy.It is aralu or pop paddy like popcorn. This aralu has a cool effect on the body hence it should not be given to kids under 4 and to new moms as well.
We have 3 different ways to eat aralu and how to make aralu hurittu , and how to eat the hurittu as well.
Hurittu is ready food which is good for travel, on ekadashi days and fasting days as well.

other recipes with battada aralu:

aralu paanaka/juice

aralina uppittu / upma


  • Puffed paddy / battada aralu


  1. Warm the aralu on low heat or until it is crisp or keep it in hot dry sun
  2. Let it cool
  3. powder / grind the aralu to fine powder. This is aralu hurittu.. Store it in a airtight container and use it when needed.

How to eat hurittu:

  1. To a cup of buttermilk add salt to taste or if you like sweet add jaggery, add required amount of aralu huritu. Then mix it and drink

Ways to eat aralu:

  1. Add water to required amount of aralu in a bowl
  2. gently squeeze the water and transfer it to a plate.

variety 1:

  1. add jaggery and coconut to it. Mix it and eat

variety 2:

  1. Add yogurt/curd(dairy or non dairy) to the washed aralu and salt to taste. Mix it well. and eat

variety 3:

  1. For crisp battada aralu add any pickle your of your choice
  2. mix it, add groundnut oil , mix it and eat