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Hesaru Bele Hurukalu | Spicy Moong dal | Oil Free Snack

Hesaru bele hurukalu or spicy moong dal recipe . Gluten free Vegan snack.
I am sure many of you have never heard of this completely oil free snack Hurukalu. This is specially made for the Seemantham day / Baby shower for the pregnant women in HoysaLa karnataka Brahmin community.. Very easy to make and healthy snack which is very addictive as well. Hurukalu is roasted spiced Split green gram / hesaru bele. If you are familiar with the mysore special oil free treat hurgalu, . This particular hesarubele hurukalu snack is almost extinct, if you are lucky enough to find this snack which is not an authentic one, the dals will be deep fried in oil 🙂 For authentic hurukalu you have to follow my recipe that is roast bele which is very important step.

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1 cup = 250ml

  • 2 cups of split green gram / hesaru bele/ moong dal

For the spice / khara:

  • 1 to 1¼ tsp salt
  • 1 to 1.5 tsp red chilli powder
  • big pinch of hing ( for gluten free option – use gluten free hing )
  • ½ to ¾ tbsp water
  • 1 tsp rice flour

Other ingredients you may want to add are:

  • 3 to 4 TBSP roasted and halved peanuts
  • 3 to 4 tbsp chopped dry coconut
  • 2 tbsp putani / hurigadale / roasted chana
  • ¼ cup roasted poha / avalakki puri ( optional)


  1. Wash and soak the dal with 2 to 3 cups of water for 2 to 3 hours
  2. Drain the water from the soaked dal using a colander
  3. Then spread the dal on the clean cloth or towel for 3 to 5 hours

To roast the hesaru bele  / moong dal :

  1. Heat a thick, heavy bottom pan on medium / medium high heat.
  2. Once the pan is hot, add a handful of dal and roast it until all the water evaporates and dal becomes crisp , and turns slightly golden brown.
  3. once the dals turns golden yellow, remove it and transfer it onto a plate.
  4. repeat the same procedure with the remaining dal
  5. it usually takes 5 to 6 minutes for each batch

To prepare the khara / spice:

  1. Combine salt, chilli powder, hing and water in a bowl. Mix it really well, the hing and salt should dissolve in water. To this add rice flour, mix it and make a paste
  2. Add the prepared khara paste to the roasted dal, mix it with hand . and don’t forget to wash your hand thoroughly
  3. Heat the same thick bottom pan on medium heat, once it becomes hot reduce the heat t low
  4. Once hot add the spiced dal, and other ingredients, mix it and keep stirring it until the mixture becomes little hot( not overheat the dals)
  5. Once the mix becomes hot, turn off the heat and keep mixing for few times
  6. After it is cooled completely, hurukalu will becomes crisp and spicy – ready to eat .
  7. If not follow the same procedure second time, that is heat the pan, warm the mix and allow it to cool.
  8. Hurugalu and this hesaru bele hurukalu is the only 2 snacks which are completely oil free and can be stored for many day, Try and enjoy


  1. if you feel the dals are turning brown quick then reduce the heat.
  2. unable to decide if dals are done or not , eat few, it has be crisp