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Belada Hannina Panaka | Juice panaka Recipes

Belada Hannina Panaka with detailed video instruction.
belada hannu or Wood apple is very beneficial to health, here is the simple juice recipe/ belada hannina panaka using the fruit. This is usually prepared during shivaratri and ram navami festivals, Easy to make and healthy panaka.
This fruit reduces the pitta imbalance.

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Ingredients for making Belada Hannina Panaka:

  • 1 belada hannu / wood apple
  • around 4 cups of water
  • pepper powder(crush around 15 pepper)
  • 1/2 cup powdered jaggery ( quantity depends on the sweet/sourness of the fruit)


  1. Break open the fruit as shown in the video. (shell will be very hard like coconut) then scoop the fruit using a spoon to a bowl.
  2. add water (may be a cup) mash it using your hand and then extract the juice and strain it to a pan,
  3. Likewise repeat the same procedure for 2 to 3 times,
  4. Now to this juice, add jaggery and pepper powder, mix it well. keep it aside for few minutes until the jaggery completely dissolves.
  5. apart from making the juice , you can eat the fruit with little salt and chilli powder.